I Haven’t Been Everywhere, but it’s on My List!

Recently, I was out to dinner with dear friends who I hadn’t spent quality time with since before Spring Break. So, of course, we rehashed our vacations even though they feel now like a long time ago. He said that they went to Puerto Rico, tried a new hotel and didn’t love it. Without question, we don’t love every hotel we go to or even every vacation. However, it stinks to spend a ton of time and money and have an average time. It makes you want to stay in your comfort zone and stop trying anything new or unfamiliar. Don’t you wish you could hear advice from people like yourselves about the best places to visit? It is the same concept as theFind but applied to travel. This week’s Find will show you ways to avoid expensive (time and money) vacation mistakes!

daytripper365 1.png


It all started three years ago when my family was traveling to Zimbabwe. At the very small airport we ran into the Yalofs, a very stylish New York family. They were one step ahead of us; their kids were a bit older, they looked relaxed like seasoned travelers, and they were very organized. Though we didn’t know them well, we were eager to pick their brains so we could do all the right things and not make any mistakes once there.

A week ago, I learned that she joined forces with another incredible traveler to create Daytripper365. Coincidentally, we ran into her exceedingly well traveled partner Bonnie last year in Uruguay. It seems these well heeled travelers were keeping copious notes for one day they would generously share their incredible itineraries with the world via their website. They travel our way which includes incredible and authentic experiences in far away places. This should be your first stop if you want to dream up an incredible vacation. They are doing some pretty incredible things dictated by where their travels take them. New to their website is a section on college visits. With older children, they realized the need for information on what to see, where to go, what to eat, etc. on college campus tours! After reading, it made me want to go back to school (a la Rodney Dangerfield).

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Now that you are traveling and exploring far flung locations, you need to make sure you and your travel mates are safe and sound. Sitata is the one place that is dedicated to traveler safety and has all your potential needs in one place. Sitata is named after an ancient deity named Sitātapatrā (the Goddess of the White Parasol) and is a protector against supernatural danger. She is associated with the practice for healing illness, dispelling interferences and spirit harms, quelling disasters, and bringing success…exactly what you need! The company was founded by former employees of Health Canada and their objective is to help protect travelers and help prevent the spread of diseases.

All you need to do is enter your destination and dates and it will provide you any relevant travel alerts including outbreaks, extreme weather, even revolution! This handy app also has helpful information in the event of a problem while you are already there, providing critical emergency information. It also has an active community that will alert you to any traveler scams and tourist traps to avoid. It is a critical app (and website) that will allow you to make informed decisions.

Travel near and far, be safe, and consider Daytripper365 and Sitata Found.