Choose Happiness!

What is happiness? I imagine Jack Handey of Saturday Night Live fame would have a Deep Thought on this issue! This seemingly simple question is very complicated. For some, happiness is a state of mental well being, for others it is a state of physical well being. Many would describe happiness as how good they feel about themselves, still others would describe how they feel vis a vis others. As you can see, there is no simple answer and deeply personal. This week’s Find will attempt to help you find your happiness!

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Under the Influence of Happiness

This lifestyle and apparel company thinks they have the answer to our question, “What is Happiness?” They believe that happiness is a choice and therefore everyone has a right to be so. They take this a step further by positing that things happen outside our control and our only choice is how we react to those events. Their message is to choose happiness. I am no psychologist or social scientist, but choosing to be under the influence of happiness seems like a great place to start.

The company was born out of the simple idea of the smiley face that burst into the public consciousness in the 1960/70’s. The simple act of seeing a happy face could be contagious and that is exactly what this company is trying to do, spread the love through the buttons and growing lifestyle lines. They apparently made a big splash at Burning Man with their buttons, banner and tee shirts this past Summer. If wearing a button or a tee shirt can change the spirits of even one person, it may just well be worth it. Happiness!

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Here, I only speak for myself, but one thing that makes me happy is when I am being healthy. This includes deep sleep, nutritious eating, and working out. I have recently found that a prerequisite for these conditions is staying well hydrated. It is proven that dehydration (even minimal) effects mood. People who drink more water are less cranky. Do you want to be less irritable? Maybe I should be asking your loved ones or coworkers … I guarantee the answer would be a resounding yes, as happy people much prefer to be surrounded with positive people with good energy.

Pryme is a solution that reminds you to drink plenty of water. Think of it like a trainer that forces you to do something that otherwise you wouldn’t naturally do. Therefore, I chose to pay $99 for this connected device that measures the amount of water consumed (in this device) and gives you encouragement and feedback. Obviously you consume water in a hundred different ways through out the day, but this cup staring at me on my desk is a constant reminder that I need to hydrate. I find that when I am well hydrated everything else falls into place; I sleep better, I eat better, and I work out and recover better. Everyone is better off — Happiness!

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It is a wide-held belief that a key to happiness is helping others. We all know the banal quotes that support this notion; however I am a strong believer in it is better to give than to receive. In fact, scientific studies clearly show that helping others boosts your happiness factor. So, why not go for it, lend a hand and put others first, and, in turn, become a happier person. Seems like a win/win to me!

So, how can you make this goal of helping others a way of life and/or your credo. Here is a handy little app called Ripil that has some great (good Karma) ideas for doing something for someone (something) else.

  • Give someone a hug today (my eldest daughter will love that!)
  • Donate pet food to an animal shelter (my next daughter will love that!)
  • Compliment a stranger (Everyone will love that!)

In fact, I have started my own group within the app called The Find Group. Just search under groups and you will find it. The point of this group is to buy a complete stranger a cup of coffee. It doesn’t have to be a Starbuck’s Double Half Caffeinated Latte, the deli or street vendor variety is just fine. I am curious to hear your feedback about this little happiness experiment. Happiness!

Join me and choose happiness! Consider Under the Influence of HappinessPryme, and Ripil Found.