Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow!

One reason I initiated The Find was a self discovery journey. I wanted to take myself out of my comfort zone, create something that was different, and build it in my own voice and vision. In the process, the mission has naturally expanded to pushing my audience out of their comfort zone by sharing experiences and things that are available to them. Unlike many other social media outlets, I derive the greater joy by hearing feedback from friends and acquaintances that said they tried something new, hadn’t thought about something presented, or plan on doing it. That has been the real bonus of doing this.

his week’s Find ventures to one area where most people fear change, their hair!

revalid 1.jpeg


In December I attended the wedding of a dear friend from college, Kim H. Many traveled from overseas to attend, and as such, I was catching up with Mohammed (a fellow Penn graduate) who lives in Dubai. While speaking to him I couldn’t take my eyes off his unbelievably thick mane of gorgeous hair (at that point I was somewhere between awe and jealousy)! I of course am lucky, but at the beginning stages of a (hopefully) long descent towards either thinning or male pattern baldness, at least according to my kids. Anyway, I steered the conversation towards how great his hair looked. He looked at me suspiciously, then he looked over his left shoulder, then he looked over his right shoulder, and only when no one was within earshot, he bestowed his secret unto me … Revalid! This magical, all natural formula from Switzerland was the secret to his outstanding hair. In fact, he had shared this magic with his private equity clients (you would know the names) who probably feel indebted to him for life! I have been using for 2 months and while I will never know the counterfactual, I have noticed (as have others) improved thickness and coverage. Btw, this is for men and women, all natural, and you can order on Amazon!


John Allan’s

Now that you have a long mane of fast growing hair (thanks Revalid) you should consider trying something/someone new with your hair. I am not necessarily talking about a permanent change, but maybe you can play the field for a bit, up to you. I am not going to advocate a specific place for this Find, as I did not try all the places that I wanted to for the best male haircut in NYC (impossible given the frequency of cuts), but I went retro … John Allan’s. They have a number of “clubs,” but I went to the one in Saks Fifth Avenue. What is more retro or novel than going to a department store for a haircut??? Instead of my grumpy, taking me for granted, going through the motions, regular barber (who I love by the way) I had a very pleasant experience; a long hair wash with head massage, a hot towel on the face, a very nice cut from an experienced stylist, a rinse after the cut (imagine that!), and then restyling with products. I not only survived but thrived and let my hair down … for now!


The Blind Barber
339 East 10TH Street, New York, NY 10009

Still on the topic of hair … After a night out with friends in the East Village, we ended up at the speakeasy the Blind Barber. Here, you walk through an operating hipster barbershop (haircuts and shaves w/drinks until 6 pm) to a very cool bar/lounge in the back (behind Door 6 above) with signature drinks made by mixologists. This bar was founded on the concept that the barber shop used to be more than a place where people would get their haircut, it was a place where people in a community congregate. They have outposts in Brooklyn and Los Angeles too. It is a great spot with a fun crowd and usually great DJs. If you happen to be in the East Village you should stop by for a cut and/or a drink!

img_4659 3.jpg

One last thing, Grease is the word (always)! Nobody cared more about their hair then Danny Zuko or Frenchie. This Sunday (1/31/16) Fox is releasing Grease Live with an ensemble cast including many celebs. Tune in and you’ll see how changing her hair signified much more to Sandra Dee … 8PM, FOX.

Consider hair growth and Revalid, John Allan’s, and The Blind Barber Found! Hair’s to seeing you soon!