Call of Duty!

It is that time again, when I can no longer defer jury duty without risking some unspecified enforcement. So I head downtown (500 Pearl Street), with the rest of my peers, sign in and sit down. Things have changed since the last time I attended;  the most important change being absolutely no electronics (what?!!??). Therefore you are forced to read hard copies of papers, magazines, and (aghast) books! Thankfully (maybe) my name was quickly called as a prospective juror.

I want to relay a story/observation from my jury service which provided a glimpse into where we are as a society. I was called into a jury selection and the case was introduced by the presiding Judge regarding a wrongful arrest and excessive force by two police defendants towards a minority plaintiff. What became evident immediately was the impact of Trayvon Martin, Ferguson, and Eric Garner, all which were on full display in this jury selection as juror after juror eliminated themselves from consideration due to overt bias toward police…wow!

Thankfully, I was provided a one hour break to deliberate this state of affairs, and this week’s Find focuses on doing it in style!

Michelin (Restaurant) Guide

New York, San Francisco, and Chicago

Where to go for lunch in Tribeca … close to Jury Duty to deliberate? Time to consult the guide that needs no introduction but was only introduced into the app store earlier this year. The folks at Michelin must have felt the burn from all the competition from the food sites, apps, blogs, etc. This guide has very informed reviews/reviewers and the system is remarkably straight forward.

1 Star – “A very good restaurant of this type.”

2 Stars – “Excellent restaurant, worth a detour.”

3 Stars – “One of the best restaurants, worth a trip.”

Only 12 Restaurants in the entire city earned 3 stars! They are also initiating a Dining Club (pre-register now!) which allegedly will afford members priority access to amazing and exclusive culinary events. While the reviews are great and the restaurants are certainly noteworthy, the app and its website are cumbersome and not as user friendly as others … you win some and you lose some! I imagine it will get better over time, but having this app will prevent you from making a mistake when you just need an undeniably great meal!


157 Duane St, New York, NY 10013

There are many options for lunch in Tribeca, but turn to your new Michelin guide to do the work for you! Head West on Duane Street and you will arrive at this gem of a restaurant offering Laotian-inspired Southeast Asian cuisine by Chef Soulayphet Schwader and partner Nick Bradley. They teamed up with Marc Forgione (of Iron chef, BLT (chef), American Cut, and eponymous Marc Forgione) to create this award winning restaurant. The Michelin guide gives Khe-Yo its Bib Gourmand rating which means exceptionally good food at moderate prices. Choose one of the market bowls which provide a choice of protein and choice of accompaniment; don’t worry, you can’t go wrong! The combination of locally sourced ingredients and Laotian sourced recipes blend perfectly into an experience that will be new and innovative to most. The ambience and atmosphere are perfect for careful and deliberate contemplation of your Jury Duty case (or Southeast Asian cuisine). What I realized is the times they are a changing (a la Bob Dylan) … as Bouley sadly is on sabbatical and closed his restaurant namesake for an undisclosed period of time; there is room for a new, and uprising chef in Tribeca …. Marc Forgione!

Alas, my jury duty is over and I wasn’t assigned to a case, but I will consider the Michelin Restaurant Guide and Khe-Yo Found