Plugged In?

The Find (conceptually) is all about keeping you plugged in, keeping you in the know.  Yet, Summer (or vacation) is all about unplugging (literally) so that you can relax and enjoy before September hits and it's work, or school, as usual. While, I appreciate unplugging and checking out as much (maybe more) than the next guy, I like it to be on MY terms. Somehow, in my busy house where outlets and chargers abound, when I go to charge my phone, I can't find a damn charger! If this wasn't bad enough, my iphone is somehow always on 20% and that means it's too late! Out of frustration, for me and all who know me, in this week's Find, I set out to make certain that we are always consciously plugged in (hello Gwyneth).

360 Power Curve 7
Power Strip & Surge Protector

This is like going to buy a car and buying a (Pimp my Ride) Hummer!  This is a souped up power strip and for people where a single wall outlet just doesn't seem like enough. Maybe you're a screen hopper, multi-tasker, techie, gearhead or maybe you live in a houseful of tech obsessed people (I should have bought more Apple and Amazon stock). I, for one, like my devices (phone, computer, Garmin watch, iPad, Kindle, ahhhhhh) charging in one location, ideally not the bathroom (where they can get wet) or next to my bed (who needs the radiation).  This MEGA outlet is perfect and the critical insight is the plugs rotate 360 degrees so you can fit plugs of varying width, length, size, really anything. It has 5 outlets and 2 USB ports which should handle most of your charging needs. If not, get two or more!

Docking Station
Hate cords? Like a single wall outlet? The ThingCharger is for you! This smart device sits on top of the regular outlet --- it has a dock on the top side, two USB Chargers on the lower side, in addition to the two plugs already there. You can even plug multiple ThingChargers into each other, providing additional docks for your devices, while not looking out of the norm. The key here is that no one will swipe it (everyone knows charger thieves are everywhere) and leave you looking (really screaming) for your charger!

Juice Pack & Charge Force

Let's face it, as far as we've come 6.0 and all, if you are not plugged in all day at your desk, the charge from last night just won't last the day. Therefore, you need a little more juice, maybe a lot more juice, and the answer and 1st step, as most of you know, are Mophie's. The Juice Pack has been out there, killing it, but somehow I (you) need more. Welcome .... the Mophie Charge Force! With the Charge Force Desk Mount (good for office, home or car) there is no need to plug in your phone or Mophie, it attaches magnetically!  Again, the beauty is that no one will steal your charging cable, and it will be ready to go as it will be attached to your new, super charging strip. This is my gift to husbands, wives, mothers, mother-in-laws, everywhere no excuses for being unreachable. 



As much as I love Apple, I don't always understand their design or user interface decisions. I will give them the benefit of the doubt and say that their decisions are above me! Either way, these oversights leave room for enterprising entrepreneurs to fill the void. One such design that I don't understand is the plug attachment for laptops, which make the plug stand out at an awkward angle when plugged into the wall. Therefore, I have found and use, the blockhead which allows the plug to sit flush against the wall. It is a small victory, but can come in handy when your are plugging in behind your bed or a piece of furniture.

Reset Plug

How often does your home network go down and you have to find the equipment to reset the power? My wireless router and wifi base station are located deep in a closet behind piles luggage. Therefore, when I have to reset them I need to dig around that closet, remove most of its contents and figure out which wire to unplug...this usually does the trick. The novel idea with the Reset Plug is that it is constantly monitoring whether your wifi is online and when it goes offline it will automatically reset it. This may save you the heart ache of your loved ones telling you that the internet is down as it will reset automatically. You can even plug a power strip into the Reset Plug and reset multiple devices!

You're now Plugged in, despite being unplugged for the Summer, and consider  360 Power Curve 7ThingChargerMophieBlockhead, and Reset Plug Found!