Welcome to the Loupe!

Labor Day feels like the dawn of a new season as much, if not more, than January 1st. As we pack up and ship off to the normal routine of life (work, school, etc.) one can't help but be excited about new beginnings. Last Fall, I started writing The Find, and as a result, have done incredible things and shared them with incredible people. Most of all I have appreciated the feedback, both good and bad, as it has helped me refine my message and refocus my efforts. So, literally and symbolically Fall is about change; as such, today I am rebranding and relaunching my weekly email and website The Find as The Loupe℠.


Welcome to the Loupe℠ website.  My original website (thefindsite.com) was homemade and difficult to navigate. Therefore I revamped it and tried to incorporate your feedback, including a better look (I think) and easier navigation. Most importantly, you will be able to easily submit your Finds to me, which I hope to try and feature! Why change the name ... no choice, my hands were tied. Can't fight the beast, the Find was taken (copyright issues).  

Why the Loupe℠?
As you may know, a Loupe is a small magnifying glass used mostly by jewelers and watchmakers to determine whether something is truly great and working properly. When I started formally looking for and writing about my Finds, I brought a magnifying glass with me as both a reminder of my mission, as well as an interesting prop for my pictures. I found that people were intrigued by the prop and perplexed when I asked them to pose with it; however, it began to make sense when I told them what I was looking for and why. Loupe/Loop is a homonym (thank you Mr. Allison, my 11th grade English teacher); while a Loupe is literally a specialized magnifying glass, the word Loop means a select and well-informed inner circle that is influential in decision making ...YOU!

For now, The Loupe℠ is curated content by me of things/places I really dig that, I think, are a Find. I'm out there on the ground for you! So if you have recommendations for me, please share! There's an ADD A FIND section on the site, and/or shoot me an email,  I love hearing from you (and I always give credit where credit it due). 

It is a new season, the dawn of a new day, and a time for new beginnings. It's all in the attitude, nothing ventured nothing gained. Take the ride with me and consider The Loupe℠ (aka and fka the Find) Found!