Welcome to the Loupe!

Sometimes you have to say “What the F*CK, and make your move.”


Who doesn't remember this classic line from Risky Business? The attitude that it's ok to throw caution to the wind and take some chances personified life (or my life) in the 80's. This is the thinking and the attitude behind The Loupe weekly Newsletter/Blog. Coincidentally, I grew up in the town where Risky Business took place (shout out to Highland Park, IL) and have always enjoyed an adventure. 

Since I began writing, I have observed many things. My first observation is that I have found a super loyal audience who values my ideas. For example, I get excited to hear that someone went to dinner at the Marshall, downloaded the 5 Minute Journal, or even bought Allbird shoes.

However, I realize that I am a bottleneck since I only have so much time in a day, eat so many meals, and try so many products. There is so much out there, and I am clearly not the only one finding them. In fact, nothing is more gratifying than when subscribers (you) alert me to something that relates to a Newsletter item or something entirely new to check out. The other limitation is that I am the only writer of the weekly Newsletter/Blog. I neither have the staff (just Meredith and me) or the time (this is a hobby) to do and review more places and things. Sure I could take a quick picture (Instagram), send 140 characters (Twitter), or blather on Social Media apps, but I find that these apps have many (many) limitations.

Therefore, I am saying WTF and making my move! With the help of engineers (thanks, Eric & Ilya!) and input from fellow Loupers (thanks, everyone who helped!) I have created a companion app to the Loupe. This app is a safe place where you can share noteworthy experiences with your Loupe. Of course, all my past (and future) Finds are kept safely in the app and easy to find and share.

Download the app here. Once it has downloaded, register with either your email or Facebook credentials (just for me, I swear). At that point, you can invite some Friends to join your exclusive Loupe and share amazing Finds. I expect some constructive criticism, as I know it won't be perfect (consider it The Loupe 1.0), but together we can grow, experience, and share.

To new and exciting times ahead; consider The Loupe app launched and found!