Advertising is Dead!?

Unfortunately, the Chicago Cubs will not be playing the New York Yankees in the World Series this year. I was lucky to see the Cubs win last year, and it would have been a bonus to see them come to New York to attempt a repeat. Oh well, you win some, you lose some! 

It makes me think how important team sports are, whether you are playing and/or watching. Sports bring people together in ways that are rare these days. I am fortunate to play soccer with a diverse group of individuals (age, race, religion, ethnicity) who collectively comprise The Geezer Football Club. I generally don't know where anyone works or their views on politics, and it is refreshing!

Watching sports at any level is also an incredible bonding experience for people of diverse backgrounds. I will always share with anyone and everyone the moment in Game 4 of the ALCS when slumping rookie phenom Aaron Judge hit a homer that propelled his team to win from a 4-0 deficit at the beginning of the bottom the 7th inning. That is the power of sports!

Sports also is one of the last places where advertisers slam us over the head with unwanted content. They understand the diversity and reach of sports and the desire of fans not to miss a moment. This may be the last place that I watch scheduled television, though I could tape and skip of course. Nonetheless, this week's Loupe looks at advertising, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Narrative

The End of Advertising, Andrew Essex

Advertising is a necessary evil, or is it? It seems that technology has changed the nature of advertising and we are here to witness it while Andrew Essex writes about it. This book is well written, almost like having a conversation with a friend, and walks you through the history of advertising and why it has invariably changed forever. The End of Advertising is not just an interesting historical and future perspective, but rather it forces one to look internally how they want to be solicited by advertisers. The changes are monumental, and there are things you can do to enhance your life by eliminating or severely limiting how you are targeted.

The Software

Adblock Plus

I consider myself pretty advanced as it relates to the consumption of media. Sure, I have the pleasure of watching television on Netflix without commercial interruption. However, while browsing the Web, I find myself being bombarded by unwanted and annoying advertising. Little did I know, I could easily install Ad blocking software (i.e., Adblock Plus) to make this experience much more enjoyable. Over 100 million people have downloaded this app! Add this software to your computer/browser and say goodbye and good riddance to the irrelevant banner ads and such. Since we live in a Capitalist society, Adblock makes (extracts) their money by charging large companies, not you. Advertisers will have to wisen up, as the regular folk (us) are not going to be manipulated! 

Channel Surf = Ad Avoidance


This app never ceases to amaze me. It rates all sporting events and sends Users alerts as games heat up. If you want to see a pitcher throwing a no-hitter into the 8th inning, Thuuz will tell update you on the critical moment to tune in. Never miss an exciting game again. This is also a commercial avoidance scheme since you will be channel surfing based upon which sport/game is the hottest at the moment. No need to suffer through another Viagra or Bud Light commercial again. You can also load your favorite sports and teams and get specialized alerts as you wish. This app may be the most important one for my consumption of sports content. It lets me know when my teams are playing and which channel I can find it on. They even give game previews and highlights. Amazing! 

Is this the end of advertising and/or the beginning of something else? Either way, consider The End of Advertising, AdBlock Plus, and Thuuz Found!