A Clean Start

For many of you, including me (I mean my kids), school is winding down, and Summer is winding up. This transition from old school work and art projects everywhere to the camp duffle pick up is a logistical nightmare (and makes my wife no fun at all). All of this happens to coincide with my move, making it that much more fun (messier and crazier). Maybe I am a bit of a freak, but I can't stand dirt and disorder. I just want to escape to a white room with padded walls. In this week's Loupe, I am dedicated to finding a clean start! 

Swab the Decks!

Roomba 960

I don't know about you, but (as you know by now) I have an aversion to dirt and dust. Unfortunately, they invade the home and often aren't visible. I also don't like to vacuum. Therefore, I employ the services of my iRobot Roomba, which automatically runs through my house and does a very thorough job. After doing its business, it automatically goes back to its docking station to recharge! If you think it's not necessary to own one, just take a look at my filter after a couple of days. I can program the time it operates and where I want it to cover with a handy app they created. It may be a bit expensive ($899), but that is what gets you a wifi enabled, programmable robot vacu-friend! 

Cover your dirty shoes!

Trimaco 54710 E-Z Floor Guard

It is best to combat dirt before it ever comes into the home. Sure you can ask people to take off their shoes, but that is annoying and neurotic. We all remember the Curb your Enthusiasm episode where Larry David is asked to remove his shoes, and of course, he doesn't, viewing the "shoes off rule" as utterly breakable ... As usual, David's not wrong, and I concur because what makes socks or even bare feet cleaner than shoes. Therefore, I have been looking for a system that is better than asking people to put on little booties. Now there's the Trimaco .... this system allows the visitor to step into the machine while it instantly wraps their shoes in a layer of (clear) plastic. No matter what they stepped in, they will not drag it all over the house. Sure this device is better for strangers, but it is good for anyone! I may sound like a germaphobe, but I know what is outside on the city streets --- I walk my dogs there all the time!

Do your business here!

Fresh Patch

If you want to avoid walking your dog outside altogether (who doesn't), then you might consider a solution for going inside or in a small outdoor area. Wee wee pads might be ok if you have a small dog, but for medium and large dogs they are woefully insufficient. Also, I am sure if my dog could speak he would tell me he likes to go natural, which means going on good ol' grass. It is the difference between going in a porta-potty and peeing on a tree (guys, you know what I'm saying!). Fresh Patch is a great solution, and they send natural grass every week to your door. So each week throw out the old one, hose down the plastic under the mat, place the new grass patch and you (or Spot, Rover, or whatever your name is) are ready to go. No more polluting the sidewalks with your dog's you know what + your neighbors will thank you!

Join the neat-freak germaphobes over here, and consider RoombaTrimarco, and Fresh Patch Found!