Unexpectedly Thoughtful

Life is back in full swing and Summer feels like a distant memory (frown). For me, it means ... back to the rat race. Most days I barely have time to think, let alone be thoughtful. When I say thoughtful, I mean actually contemplating other people. 

One of my distinct memories from the Summer was an interaction I had with my friend and fellow Louper Matt M. After a funny conversation, I sent him a doormat from Amazon with his name on it. No note or anything. He had no clue who sent it to him until we saw each other next, and he appreciated the gesture that the anonymous gag gift made. 

In this week's Loupe, we focus on the joy of being unexpectedly thoughtful! 

Thoughtful Charity


There are so many people out there in this large, wonderful world that see a problem and try to fix it. These, my friends, are doers! There are countless noble causes working to end world hunger, combat poverty, cure sickness and they need the financial support of you, and you and you! Enter Omaze, the brainchild of two Stanford grads who started this site that marries fundraising and crowdsourcing with the good will of celebrities. They believe that if you donate, you're a winner!  It does not matter the amount; you are given a chance (you decide the #) to the once in a lifetime experience. 

This is a pretty cool way to learn about various causes and raise money for them. They also have some very cool experiences, such as wine tasting with Jennifer Lawrence, getting life advice from Arnold Schwarzenegger, or partying with the world's top 100 DJ's in Amsterdam.  For 100 entries, donate $10, and the amount of entries and numbers go up from there. Even if you lose, you're a winner because you've donated to an important cause!  

Thoughtful Gifts

Unemployed Philosophers Guild
Website, Retail

If you are looking for that perfectly thoughtful gift, then you should consider a selection of items from some of the most thoughtful people on Earth ... Unemployed Philosophers! They have plenty of time on their hands to ponder deep thoughts and great gifts! According to the site the beginnings of the Guild are (purposely) "shrouded in mystery," but possibly the desire of "two brothers turned their inner creativity and love of paying rent towards fulfilling the people’s needs for finger puppets, warm slippers, coffee cups, and cracking up at stuff." There is an incredible selection of great gifts like Mr. Rogers Ecouragemints, Freudian Slippers, and Mug Shot shot glasses to name a few. There is literally (and figuratively) something for everyone ... so try being thoughtful on, you may just like it! 

Thoughtful Talks

TED, Ideas worth spreading
App, Web

We all consume tons of information. Some of it good, some of it bad, some of it ugly. The hope is that the information is enlightening, useful, and thought provoking. I constantly come back to TED as a source for ideas and inspiration. The videos and podcasts continuously expand my universe and, in the process, my mind. I typically listen to the weekly Podcast which consists of excerpts from various TED talks around a central theme. From here, I can delve into the entire talk of the more interesting speakers and topics. I find myself gravitating to these podcasts, above all others, because they get my mind moving. Perhaps, these are ideas worth spreading ...

Preventing Thoughtlessness


I don't know about you, but I often forget my keys. At my old apartment, I would rarely bring my keys out with me and would rely on the doorman to produce a spare every time. Now that I live in a house, I have to fend for myself!  That is why I have my keys in KeyMe; I learned about this essential new business from fellow Louper and frequent contributor Andy A. This app allows you to scan your keys on your phone and store a copy in them in the cloud. If you ever need that key for any reason (lock-out, system malfunction, anything!), you can go to a conveniently located kiosk and print another. No issue! I would recommend going to a kiosk and scanning your keys before you have a problem; there is no cost to scan, and when you want to reproduce the key it costs between $4.99 and $49.99 depending upon the type of key (home key versus car keys). The house keys can be printed immediately in a variety of styles; they even have a can opener shape. The car keys typically can't be printed on the spot but will be delivered over night. The key here is to be thoughtful before you are thoughtless and forget your keys!

Surprise someone (or yourself) and be unexpectedly thoughtful; consider OmazeUnemployed Philosophers GuildTED Talks, and KeyMe Found!