One Click Away

The opening of the new Amazon Go Store in Seattle left me scratching my head. I rarely go to stores these days and the Prim(e)ary reason why is the convenience and ease of Amazon! So when they opened their first shop, albeit a high technology format without out checkout lines, I was curious and confused. For me, the friction with stores is not the checkout lines, but rather going to the store itself (is there anything better than online shopping)! In this week's Loupe, we not only skip the lines but also skip the store!

Goodbye Hallmark!


I never have birthday, anniversary, or Valentines Day cards (sorry Meri) when I need them. Therefore I am usually running to the local card store and picking through the scraps of what is left. Sure I can write a convincing note that makes the card not seem like a leftover, but I can do better. This year I am ready and have ordered a backlog of amazing cards that demonstrate how much I plan and care for the (birthday, anniversary, or holiday) event! LovePop cards are 3D cards that are interesting and well executed. They exist for any occasion and for every person, which makes it the perfect card! Stock up, and "look" as thoughtful as you are. 

So Long Joe & the Juice

Daily Harvest

I love smoothies. I frequently pick one up at Juice Press and feel great. However, not everyone lives down the street from one (yet, they are expanding quickly!) or wants to leave the house. In those cases, I want to make one at home. Despite my best intentions and efforts, I rarely have the ingredients I want/need to make that perfect smoothie. Further, who wants to cut them up, blend them, and then clean up the mess? The folks at Daily Harvest have solved this problem (except for the clean-up...) by shipping pre-made smoothie cups containing the ingredients for great smoothies directly to your home. All you need to do is put them in the blender (your Vitamix) and clean up the mess. They have a variety of flavors and are a perfect solution for those who like to blend their own and clean up after! First, you pick your plan (6-24 weekly), then you pick your smoothies, and then wait for your shipment, delicious smoothies directly to your home!

Hasta La Vista Metrocard!

Adidas BVG

Say goodbye to your MetroCards once and for all. What if you never needed to swipe anything and you can simply walk on to public transportation, no hassles, no annoyances. This goes further than the Amazon Go Store! The technology is here, and it's vis a vis sneaker giant, Adidas. So far, they partnered with the BVG (aka, the Berlin subway) and incorporated great design and an annual pass into the sneaker's tongue. NYC, London Tube ... here they come! Advancing technology with style and comfort, the future is here .... What else could benefit from dedicated sensors??? Everything and anything! Why should our phones hold the keys to our kingdom?

I respect people who think differently (Amazon) and personally value avoiding the brick and mortar (sorry all Loupe retail investors). Consider LovePopDaily Harvest, and Adidas BVG Found!