Smaller and Smaller

It seems like Apple is going in the wrong direction with its lineup of larger iPhones. Yet, who am I to question the all powerful and all knowing Apple, the company that knows what I want before I even know I want it. Nonetheless, I for one, want more with less. I don’t think I am alone. The truth is more intelligence and functionality can fit into increasingly smaller systems. I bet Moore’s law applies to size too. In this week’s Loupe, we focus on appropriate scale and excellent functionality.


I am not sure my children or anyone in their generation actually needs television any longer. Of course, they need the programming, but they don't need the stationary, hard-wired TV's of yesterday. Why watch TV in your living room when you can watch it laying in bed? How about upside down on a couch? If you hold the device 6 inches from your eyes, I bet it looks like the largest large screen television ever. Ok, now that we have established that people like to watch on their laptops, let's also admit that people multitask while they watch TV too. Enter the Helium app, which allows you to view your show (Fauda?) and do other things at the same time. The innovation is that it won't close the viewer even when you go to a different app, or use your browser for something else. It magically hovers where you need it to be so you can seamlessly do other things while watching your favorite program. This may not be something you want to introduce to someone who is already a TV addict, but it is pretty damn cool!

TalkBox Booth

WeWork is taking over the world, certainly New York, as the largest lessor of space in the city. Additionally, its success is influencing how offices everywhere are designed. They are casual and open workspaces where tenants/workers can find a niche and get to work. It is all an open plan, which fosters collaboration. I don't know about you but I sometimes like privacy when I am doing work or making a call ... wait, do Millenials even speak on the phone anymore??? Therefore the TalkBox is a much-needed solution to creating a private space rather than putting up structural walls, windows, and doors. It looks like an old phone booth; anyone remember those? It allows one to sit down and have a little privacy while still in the (open plan) office.  


Certain items have enormous value because you use them every single day. In my opinion, this is where one should spend their $$$ and get the best possible item for the job. Those daily items include anything bed related (pillow, sheets, & comforter), shower (shampoo & soap), and of course coffee. Every morning I have the same coffee in the same place while I am doing the same thing. The genius peeps at Ember have put a heating mechanism in the mug so when attached to the heating plate, the coffee stays at a constant temperature ... imagine that! Why drink your savored and critical caffeine boost at anything other than the perfect temperature? It has an app (why of course) where you set the desired temperature. The only downside to this device is another charging device on your desk (a la the iPhone or iPad) and another app icon on your crowded smartphone. However, coming in matte black and white, somehow it fits in effortlessly. 


I have been a smoothie lover for some time. I love to run over to Juice Press for a freshly made concoction. I acknowledge that sometimes I am lazy and have ordered pre-made smoothies from Daily Harvest to save some time in the morning. However, what I have realized is that doesn't save time because you still need to clean the blender when finished. Blix has magically changed that with their soon-to-be-released smoothie system. It comes from the founder of SodaStream (which I also love), and it is awesome. They will begin deliveries in July, and it only costs $99 ($50 savings when you pre-order), and you get a 6-cup starter pack ... sooooooo, it is virtually free. They just made the individual cups available April 24th; try them in your blender before you commit to the system. The machine doesn't require cleaning, doesn't make a ton of noise, and knows just how long and how hard to mix, based on the contents. It is indeed the next gen of smoothies! You heard it here first!

This is a toast to smaller and smaller technology that does more and more --- consider HeliumTalkBox BoothEmber, and Blix Found!