Do as I Say, Not as I Do!

I often tell my kids that they shouldn't ask someone to do something that they could do themselves. They are kids and need to learn how to do things for themselves. Of course, their time has little value (given the number of hours spent on Fortnight, Snapchat and Hulu). Adults, on the other hand, value their time (for the most part) and need to pick and choose where we spend it. In this week's Loupe, we focus on tools that can easily do the work for you and in turn, free up your schedule!

Your Personal Assistant

Get Magic

If you have an assistant at work who won't do personal things (or you don't have an assistant at all), then Get Magic is the perfect solution to outsourcing your tedious tasks. I have been using this service for over one year. Magic assigns a team of 15 people (nameless/faceless), who are available 24/7, and bill $0.59 per hour for the time they spend on your tasks. I have found them very productive so far at finding professionals to do various jobs like, "Find me a calligraphy teacher for next Tuesday at 5 pm?" They will generate a list of leads, send bios, book appointments and confirm before arrival.  I could do this work, but value my time (way, way too much!).

Your Personal Golfer

EZee Golf

Golf is a particularly frustrating sport, even for the pros. It requires a ton of time (practice & experience) and strength (balance & coordination) to obtain a low handicap. Ironically, as time passes golfers reach an inflection point where they lose their balance and coordination leaving them with useless knowledge! Look no further than my father who in his prime was an adept golfer and a lover of the game, but now is challenged to score well. However, the combination of two novel ideas has put him back on his beloved course! Enter ...  the SoloRidergolf cart; It is a modified single person golf cart with the clubs in the front (easily accessible) and a seat that swivels him into position to hit the ball. This is an amazing vehicle and worked for him for many years. Yet, now that he needs a little help swinging the club too. The rocket scientists at Ezee Golf have created a club that hits the ball for you, requiring no swing. You determine the distance (50-200 yards), place the club face in front of the ball, and fire! I am not sure if the USGA will count his score in an official event, but this club has opened the game to people with disabilities and possibly people who just suck, like me!

Your Personal Housekeeper

Roomba 980

I don't know about you, but (as you know by now) I have an aversion to dirt and dust. Unfortunately, they invade the home and often aren't visible. I also don't like to vacuum. Therefore, I employ the services of my iRobot Roomba, which automatically runs through my house and does a very thorough job. After doing its business, it automatically goes back to its docking station to recharge! If you think it's not necessary to own one, just take a look at my filter after a couple of days. I can program the time it operates and where I want it to cover with a handy app they created. It may be a bit expensive ($899), but that is what gets you a wifi enabled, programmable robot and vacu-friend that does the work for you! 

So, why lift a finger when someone/something else can do it for you --- consider GetMagicEzee Golf, and Roomba 980 Found!