I'll Have What She's Having!


Most people my generation (and above) remember the classic scene from When Harry Met Sally where Meg Ryan's character fakes an orgasm in a restaurant and the older lady (Director Rob Reiner's mom) says "I'll have what she's having!" with perfect comedic timing! Sometimes you have to follow the expert advice of others, no questions asked. With that said, I am in the middle of college visits with my eldest daughter and needing expert advice given the sheer number of locations covered. In this week's Loupe, I will prepare you for these visits, or any travel to college towns, no questions asked!

I'll Go Where They Went!

DayTripper University

Planning college visits require a particular kind of orchestration. You want to make sure that you are staying at the right hotel, eating the best food the town or city has to offer and having the proper coffee. Otherwise, you will be eating pizza and going to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. Thankfully, my well-traveled friends (fellow Loupers Bonnie K. and Liora Y.) have already been through this demanding process and created a Website to ease the pain. They have expanded from their incredible travel site into the niche business of planning itineraries for college visits. These apply whether you are visiting a single school to see a friend, visiting a child/grandchild, or visiting a lot of colleges at once. You can trust their judgment, and you will have hit the hotspots. Now, you can spend your time thinking about the vibe of the school and not whether you are at the right place. They have covered almost 100 schools and provide an excellent resource for the best of according to those in the know (students, faculty, parents, and founders Bonnie and Liora). 

I Don't Want to Be Dehydrated


Visiting schools typically require long drives or flights; of course, the kids want to be far enough away from home, and visa versa! During these visits, I am continually fighting dehydration, whether flying or driving (air conditioning or heat). Your body dehydrates much more quickly at an altitude, and certainly from the artificial air in your car. I was made aware of this magical hydration solution by fellow Louper Giorgio S. It contains a potent combination of electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins to effectively hydrate your body without chugging sugary Gatorade or the like. You will be ready to go on that boring school tour with your chipper guide!

I Don't Want To Be Hungover!

PartySmart Capsule

The only way to get to know the soul of a college is to head to the local bar. There, you can people watch to get a sense of what happens at the school. This can be a slow process, and you may as well take your time, where else do you have to be? That means you may be consuming more than is natural. This way you may be in a position to figure out the safety options from said location. Uber? Taxi? Campus Bus? Either way, before you drink (really anytime), you should consider taking the PartySmart Capsule. Thanks, Louper Tom C. for this one ... and believe me, he knows! The active ingredient in the plant-based capsule is hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, otherwise called vegetable cellulose. It works by speeding up the eradication of the acetaldehyde from the liver, which is the primary cause of a hangover. You have no time to be hungover for your next tour tomorrow! 

Going back to school is exhilarating and terrifying, but this time you will be ready! Consider DayTripper UniversityUppy!, and PartySmart Found!