Summer Efficiently!

Memorial Day is a time of honor and reflection, but it also means Summer! Despite only getting a single day at the beach this weekend, the long Winter is finally over; Spring is a fleeting memory and Summer is around the corner. School is nearly over, the kids are soon off to camp, and it is time to explore. This week’s Loupe provides some tricks of the trade do Summer efficiently! 

Work Efficiently

Jelly Comb Keyboard  

I like to travel light, very light. My wife accuses me of packing so few clothes that I have nothing to wear! There is method to my madness. I don’t like to carry unnecessary things. I just don’t want to be encumbered with excess weight (and I like to brag that I've used everything in my suitcase). Amazingly, I may have eliminated the laptop from essential travel items with this nifty portable keyboard from Jelly Comb. It folds up into the size of a large iPhone. It is the perfect thing when you are writing more than a text or short email. In fact, I am typing this newsletter on my Jelly Comb right now.

Travel Efficiently

Roadtrippers Pro
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Roadrtippers Pro is the app for planning and executing your upcoming road trip. They have suggested itineraries if you want a great trip and didn’t know where to start. It also provides the ability to make your very own course, giving amazing suggestions along the way. I have been using this app for years, and they recently launched the Pro version which allows Users to download the maps offline, has more content, and even has navigation features. If you are exploring the world via the highways, or even backroads, this is the place to start.

Party Efficiently

Three Olives Rose Vodka

Summer is synonymous with Rose. However, I quickly get sick of it and move on to something else. This Summer, I plan on starting with Rose vodka. This new vodka from Three Olives is the perfect blend of high-quality vodka with a hint of the rose bouquet. It is excellent on the rocks or mixed with other spirits and juices. Cast aside the low alcohol content of Rosé wine and get your Summer going with Rosé vodka!

Soon Summer will be a distant memory, so do it well and efficiently and consider Jelly Comb keyboardRoadtrippers, and Three Oliver Rosé Vodka Found!