Warm & Cozy in 2019!

Happy New Year! By now most Northerners and Midwesterners are feeling the chill of Winter upon us. Warm weather vacations are behind us (boohoo), and now the reality of January is setting in. Out of necessity or free will, I find myself seeking warmth and comfort when the temperatures start dropping. Even I (a self-declared finder) am avoiding ways to leave the house and trying to stay home more. So, if you are going to sequester yourself at home (like me), you will need a few very important things ... In this week's Loupe, I prepare you to stay at home in warmth and style!

Tipsy Elves

A happy house, with a sense of humor, is paramount. Enter Tipsy Elves. This clothing company's manifesto is to make the most outrageous clothes known to mankind in order to make your life more fun. So, if you are going to lounge about the house, make it a hoot. Perhaps, don an ugly (but warm) holiday sweater or a crazy jumpsuit (otherwise known as a onesie). I got these for my too-cool-for-school teenagers and guess what, they love wearing them. Not only are they warm and comfy, but they make a statement and create a mood. Oh, and they also make the perfect gift, especially for someone who has everything (because they don't have this).


Is there anything better than enjoying a nice glass of red wine by a fire at home? I feel that a half a bottle is the perfect amount of wine when home alone, or with a friend. However, I don't know many people who keep or collect half-bottles, so if you're like me, a lot of good wine goes to waste. Fellow Louper Kara F. introduced me introduced me to Coravin, which solved this problem. This handy device allows you to take a glass, or two, from a bottle without removing its cork and ruining its future prospects for drinking. If your spouse/roommate/friend prefers red wine (like mine) and you want white, you don't have to feel guilty about opening two different bottles. Maybe you want to open a great bottle for yourself and an inferior bottle for your guest, or vice versa, this is the perfect solution. Now that you have your onesie and a glass of red wine, you are getting closer! 

Moon Pod

It is very simple, being cozy requires that you are off your feet in comfort. Therefore you must find a spot, preferably near the fire, to lounge. I find that while couches are fine, there is nothing better than a moveable piece of furniture that wraps itself around you. The moon egg is a sophisticated bean bag that won't make your living room look like a playroom. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. The key part is that you can move closer to or further away from the fire as needed.

Dribble Up

You will feel like a sloth by Spring if you lounge about your house in the Winter months eating and drinking to your heart's content. So, I suggest you find creative ways to stay active at home. Many of you may opt for the treadmill or Peloton, but that can get monotonous.  I started searching for something more fun and different. That's when I found Dribble Up smart balls (soccer and basketball). They created an ingenious app that will run you through drills to improve your soccer or basketball skills while also creating a compelling workout. You need very little space, and it will provide a plan to improve as well as get your heart pumping. No need to trek out to Riverside Park in the rain, sleet, hail, and/or snow at 6:00 am to improve your touch, even though I still plan on doing it! 

The Winter is upon us so make sure you are warm and cozy, and consider Tipsy ElvesCoravinMoon Pod, and Dribble Up Found!