The Internet is Cracking!

As I sit down to write this, World_Record_Egg has surpassed a Kylie Jenner post as the most "Liked" post in the history of Instagram. It has garnered ~50mm likes, elicited ~3mm comments, and the account has drawn 8mm followers. It has been up for only 20 days. Why is this the meme to end all memes? Why has this meme caught the world's imagination? What does this tell us about life, social media, and possibly ourselves? I have no clue, but I do think this could be the moment where Instagram has jumped the shark. Ironically it bumped off Kylie Jenner's Baby Bump post. This seemingly innocuous post of an egg (that is apparently cracking) undermines everything in my mind. Maybe (hopefully?) we have indeed reached peak of Social Media? Short FB?

In this week's Loupe, we visit some decidedly anti-social media items!

Dear Holmes

Is there anything more anti-Internet than a letter. I am not sure my kids even know how to send a letter. While I do appreciate the efficiency of an email or text, there is a time and place for a letter too: a thank you note, a condolence note, and of course a letter from Dr. Watson describing a mystery that you must solve. Dear Holmes presents a monthly mystery in the form of weekly long-form letters from Watson that will contain clues. You must solve the mystery before the final letter, and the resolution will come from Sherlock Holmes himself. This is a fun activity for the entire family. Sort of an escape the room without leaving the comforts of your home or the temptation of your computer!


The Internet continues to grow as more and more people have faster and faster access. 2019 brings us a culture of immediate gratification. Time is limited. Thank god for Amazon! The polar opposite mentality of faster and quicker is the sport of golf. Time is long and leisurely to play 18 holes. Access is hard. This is especially true in the Winter when golf courses are covered with snow, like right now! I think the reason that golf in on the decline is the convenience (or lack thereof), the cost, and the time to play. Birdieball has solved this problem by creating a putting surface for your home that is relatively inexpensive and convenient. You can design the size and specification, including the length, width, number of holes, and contours. This is a great activity for when you are sick of the Internet! 

Black Lapel

I attended a Black Tie Affair recently. I had a problem ...I  didn't own a tuxedo! I threw my last one out when I Marie Kondo'd my closet last Spring. But, interestingly, I would venture to say that most Generation Z'ers don’t even own a suit! Nonetheless, the creatives at Black Lapel (Thank you Ellie Louper JF!) have devised an Internet-based solution for Post Millennials (really anyone) who needs/wants a custom suit or tuxedo and does not want to enter a store or tailor. You pick material and any style you desire, and voila you get the custom suit you are looking for! Although its too little too late (sorry E&M!), my tuxedo is on the way and I will be ready for the next one!

Whether Social Media has peaked, or not, you will be ready and consider Dear HolmesBirdieball, and Black Lapel Found!