The Loupe Interview Channel

When I started The Loupe over three years ago, it was my goal to share with friends places and things that were not only new and authentic, but also life enhancing. Throughout this journey, I have hopefully opened your eyes and introduced experiences/products that made your daily existence easier or more fulfilling. Loupers have also shared their amazing finds with me, which has been extremely gratifying.

What I realize is this search and research is quite similar to the investment process that I have learned and deployed. Instead of merely trying places and products, I began to reach out to founders and entrepreneurs. I began to ask questions about what they hoped to accomplish and what resources they need to get there. I have always been impressed with entrepreneurs; they are the dreamers and the ones who take enormous personal risk to see their vision through. 

Therefore, I have begun to interview these trailblazers so that they may share their stories with me, you, and hopefully a broader audience. I chose to conduct these interviews on Loretta, my 1989 renovated Airstream. The concept is to join these founders on their journey and venture around while we chat about their history and ambitions. Think of it as a mashup of Shark Tank and Carpool Karaoke, but without the Sharks or James Corden vocals!  

The first segment is an interview with Rumble Founder, Noah Neiman. His story is one of deep valleys and perseverance. He partners with a team of forward-thinking pioneers to create one of the fastest growing brands in fitness. Watch his inspiring story below, subscribe to The Loupe Youtube channel HERE, and share it with your friends (or really anyone at all). Stay tuned for lots of exciting partnerships, interviews, and scary driving by me, Louper Bryan V. Oh, and please let me know if there are any Founders whose stories deserve to be told. Loretta and I will swing by and pick them up.