Victim of Success


I have been thinking a lot lately about how success changes everything. I know its perverse, seeing as success is often considered the goal, but maybe it makes sense to adjust the measuring stick/endpoint? On a macro level, let's say geopolitical level, success often and inevitably leads to demise. In Todd Buchholz's book The Price of Prosperity, he discusses at length the many of the reasons why empires ultimately fail. But this is also happening on the micro level as well. A recent visit to Chelsea revealed gleaming glass condos and their blue-chip gallery tenants, rather than the gritty art galleries who couldn't afford Soho. I am not suggesting that Chelsea isn't a wonderful place to see art, just that it is no longer the case that you will discover galleries taking chances by featuring chance taking artists; the rent is just too damn high! Furthermore, Chelsea immediately abuts Hudson Yards which literally has risen from nowhere with an incredible mall, as well as high-end condos and office towers. I just wonder if success is sowing the seeds of New York's ultimate demise as it is losing what ultimately makes it special, authenticity, eccentricity, and risk. I guess I said the same thing when Guliani 'cleaned up' Broadway. But is this financial success the goal? Is putting on shows that are mass appealing the reason Chelsea and Broadway were successful in the first place. I am not sure, I used to think it was about challenging convention, not another staging of a Disney movie or store. Either way, this week's Loupe is dedicated to grit, passion and avoiding complacency!

Virus International

Typically, the older we get, the less healthy we become. We begin to neglect to find time to work out, while at the same time eating out and drinking with higher frequency. Once again, this behavior is sowing the seeds of our own demise. The goal is to be more healthy, so you live longer, better lives. One thing that will assist in this effort is having the right gear. Sure Lululemon will suffice, but this brand is ubiquitous. So when I was walking past business class to my seat where I saw a dude about my age who looked great, I noticed his gear...and I was jealous! I wrote down Virus which was emblazoned on the side of his pants. They were only available at a single store in NYC, East Coast MMA Shop...hell yes! It's not gear to walk to Starbucks in, but rather in case you get in a street brawl or are planning on going very hard in the gym! They have deployed the latest in nanotechnology, technical fabrics, and biomechanical patterning to make better workout wear. Don't rest on your success and keep pushing through!


The real problem with success is that it forces you to play it safe. Why mess with a formula that works? But that strategy is a sure way to revert to the median! While I don't expect most of you to go out and get a tattoo, wear purple pants, or a green crushed velvet blazer, but you most certainly can change up your underwear. I know it's a little lame because no one sees them, but change it up a little and look at the offerings from UNDZ. These designs are screaming, albeit privately.



I know you are not sitting back on your laurels in your relationship either. You want progress, not stagnation or reversion. That means working at it and getting better! The folks at Juicebox have created a consulting business around improving your relationship. It goes through a series of questions to get to know you, but ultimately helps you set improvement goals including: communicating your desires, initiating sex, and conquering insecurities...all hallmarks of a great relationship! They have three products: Free tips, paid coaching, and Slutbot. The tips and coaching I presume you understand, but the Slutbot is a free interactive experience where you can practice sexting with a chatbot over text messaging/SMS. You may want to change your password on your and your partner's phone for this one! Enjoy!

Let's not be a victim of our own success and consider VirusUNDZ, and JuiceBox Found!