If you're like me, you probably spend your mornings, post-coffee, reading the paper, or other news sources. In fact, this is so much the case, that at times it seems burdensome. My in-laws save the papers from when they are traveling, so as to not miss an iota of information. This week's Loupe gives you a tool to save yourself a whole lotta time, should you want to reclaim or readjust your morning rituals.

Katie Couric's Wake Up Call

Daily newsletters (a la the Skimm, Need2know, etc.) have become somewhat of a thing, especially for the younger generations who appreciate time-saving, quick access, immediate gratification (hey, I consider myself young). However, somehow, I was never able to find a morning newsletter that I related to and truly enjoyed ... until I was introduced to Katie Couric's Wake-up Call. Wake-up Call comes to your email inbox (6 AM for the early risers) with a clear, succinct, and unbiased rundown of the day's most pressing events. For me, reading her newsletter is like listening to your mother, teacher, and best friend at the same time, it is both familiar and sensible. While Katie certainly has strongly held views (gun control, women's reproductive rights), her Newsletter presents the news without lecturing. To be honest, it is a manner that is refreshing, and everyone should signup to see why I'm such a fan.

It's no coincidence that my latest Loretta interview is with the incomparable Katie Couric! During the course of our drive/interview, Katie reflected on the reality that no one just reads the news any longer. Everyone is a commentator. It seems Katie recognizes this opening between the extremes and is lending her megaphone to the day's important news and human interest stories. Her new media company, Katie Couric Media, is using a variety of outlets, including the morning newsletter, social media, podcasts, and more. Hear directly from her what she is doing and where she is headed!

Listen, read up, and follow, & consider Katie Couric Media Found!