The Rise Festival

One item on my daughter's bucket list (at 15, she already has one!) was The Rise Festival. I was completely unaware of it, but as you should know by now, I was a willing participant. So with our friends (shout out to the Lichts) we headed into the vast and open Mojave Desert about 40 miles from Vegas. The Rise Festival on its surface is simply an outdoor concert where participants are given a mat to picnic on and a lantern to light and launch. As you penetrate the layers it is so much more and I was proud to participate. The first problem with large gatherings of people (collectivism) is usually the logistics, meaning getting in and getting out; this was not an issue here as location is not near anything else, there is ample parking, and everything is very relaxed. No lines, no hassles. We presented our tickets and were given mats to sit on, pens to write with, and lanterns to launch. There is a circular stage in the middle of circular seating (really just torches) where people set up their mats. Everyone is writing, drawing, and generally emoting their feelings on to the lanterns that they will launch. This was a great soulful moment for myself and the people I went with; really an opportunity to acknowledge, remember, hope, and celebrate. At the prescribed time, the MC gave brief instructions and everyone collectively launched their lanterns at the same time. To say this sight is incredible actually undersells how powerful and pure the beauty was --- their mantra 'together we rise' we experienced spiritually and visually. We just stared into the sky and took in the beauty of this collective gesture. There are apparently others through out the country, but this one was my first and very bucket worthy!