305 Fitness

Art Basel Miami would not be the same if it was not housed in Miami Beach, just as the afore-mentioned art finds came to life vis a vis their surroundings. Miami is about the beach, the Art Deco architecture, the vibrant melting pot culture, and of course, the body! So, now that you are prepared mentally for what lies ahead art-wise, you need to get your body ready for Miami Art Basel. To cover the various fairs, outdoor art installations, and art events you will also need the stamina (and the moves) to stay up late and dance at the Miami hot spots! What better way to get in shape than doing 305 Fitness (named for the area code of Miami Beach). I was introduced to the class by fellow Louper Andy S. who brought his team from the soon to open RUMBLE (boxing gym!). This class has a DJ who spins the dance tracks and an instructor who shows you the dance moves. It is a very upbeat, fast paced class that is a great workout and loads of fun, especially if you can dance! In truth, you don't have to be a great dancer (me) or even coordinated, really no one cares, but you do have work hard. Each instructor brings their own variances and moves. This workout will prepare you for the beach in the morning, walking the fair and exhibitions during the day, and dancing all night at LIV!