Ricoh Theta S

Typical cameras provide a very limited perspective. Often times you want to capture everything in every direction. The Ricoh Theta S changes everything. This small and light weight device captures a 360 degree still shot, or even video, of where you are and what you are doing. Why focus on the things in front of you when you can see everything? Imagine having a picture at your wedding of not just the kiss, but also everyone's reaction to it...I wish the technology was around then! This device easily syncs with your iPhone and seamlessly films in every direction. No more need to use a special app and slowly pan around your location to capture a 360 image, now you can just press the shutter button. This does work much better during the day, and especially outdoors, as it has no flash. Instead of being on the outside looking in, this device will allow you to be on the inside looking out!