Maiella Restaurant

One thing New Yorkers take for granted is the view of New York City. It is literally impossible to take in the skyline from inside Manhattan, and therefore the only times you may see it are when you are flying in to LaGuardia Airport or approaching the Midtown tunnel. Therefore, there is significant novelty to restaurants in the boroughs that face the Manhattan skyline.

Maiella, located directly below the famous Pepsi Cola sign (hence the red glow in the picture above) in Gantry State Park, has the most incredible views of the iconic Manhattan skyline. Grab your parents, your kids, your date, your friends, or your out-of-towners (perfect) and drive directly there (they have valet)!  This is Chef Rocco Sacramone 's latest venture (renowned for old school, venerable Italian spot L'incontro in Astoria). They serve Central Italian cuisine, but are famous for their fettuccini that is cooked inside a parmesan cheese wheel table side. The service is very friendly and it is refreshing to go to an Italian restaurant where you don't know everyone/anyone! Now you are officially back on the outside looking in.