Yet another way to take in the natural (and unnatural beauty) of New York is via the skies. The folks at Liberty Helicopter who have the largest and most experienced fleet have developed this specialty service for the snap happy tourist. To be honest, the owner of Liberty is a pilot and adrenaline junkie, and now he is making the rush available to us. Here's the deal ... this is entitled The Ultimate Aerial Photo Experience and this is literally that. Act like the pros, harness into a helicopter with open doors and get ready to take the ultimate selfie. Choose from one of the packages and get up there! 

The NYC Experience @ $199 lasting 15 minutes leaving from Kearny, NJ
The Manhattan Premium @ $395 lasting 20 minutes and leaving from the 34th Street Blade Lounge
The NYC Classic @ $499 lasting 30 minutes and leaving from Kearny, NJ
All these allow you to dangle out the window (if you want?) and  embrace the sweeping views of New York City from above. In the NYC Classic you will be able to pick your destinations, as long as they are not too close to Trump Tower! This is the ultimate experience for someone (adventure seeker) looking from the outside in ... disclaimer, this is not for the acrophobic, claustrophobic, aviophobic or aerophobic ....