One World Observatory

See Forever. Why not? In an effort to give you details I may be spoiling some of the surprise, so read no further if you like surprises. This observatory on the 100th floor of the Freedom Tower delivers on this promise to see everything. It offers an expansive view of Manhattan, and outlying areas, from way above it all. I have been to many observation decks (John Hancock in Chicago, CN Tower in Toronto, etc.) and this may be the best one yet. The initial elevator ride provides a historical view of what lower Manhattan looked like when first settled as you ascend into the clouds, literally. When you reach the observation deck, there is a brief movie about the vibrancy of NYC and then the screens disappear and you are left with stunning views. You then go to the 360 degree observation deck where you can see everything in every direction. I think I understand now why people are paying astronomical prices for apartments in 432 Park Avenue! It is a great way to see New York, whether you are a tourist of not. I guarantee that few native New Yorkers have been here but this is a choice spot to be on the inside looking out!