Fab Search

Do you like to peruse travel magazines? I do, especially when they are exactly where I am, with no other options, like the doctors office (with no cell reception) or my bathroom doing my business. With alluring (to this expeditionist) glossy pictures and great stories about places I'm dying to get to (eventually), I don't know what to do with all this great information. Do I tear out the page and file it in my Japan or India folder (NO!), I'm not that organized. So, if you are not headed to that spot imminently, how is that useful to you besides adding the spot to your mental bucket list? That is where Fab Search comes in; this website organizes all these fabulous articles about travel found in the most discerning magazines (Vogue, Vanity Fair, Wallpaper to name a few). Therefore, they are exactly where you want them, when you need them, and organized neatly by location. While you are browsing, you can even save articles that interest you in My Clippings. Happy fab-searching!