Zak the Baker

Some people like to roll downstairs from their hotel room and enjoy a $40 (or more) breakfast buffet in their hotel, if they wake for breakfast at all. Not me! As you might expect, I will travel far and wide to find that someplace special. I was on the hunt after doing the breakfast buffet the day earlier! Therefore, I followed the advice of fellow Louper Jason R. who said the best and most innovative food was coming form the bakery/kitchen of Zak the Baker! He recently separated the baking operations from the restaurant and opened a walk-in bakery down the street. Go to the bakery if you want a sliver of unbelievable babka, croissants, etc. Go to the cafe if you want the perfect egg platter, savory or sweet toast, or insanely good sandwich. The key here is the artisanal bread! Trust me, it's carbs that are worth it.