Before you leave on your journey you need the right gear, and much to my chagrin, this year we were in the market for new luggage! My constraints were size (large!), easy to pack & unpack (butterfly), and easy to move (4 wheels). We needed big bags because we like to go on long trips, and you can't always count on (afford) laundry while you are away. We also tend to make lots of stops, so the bag must keep everything organized so you don't need to unpack at each stop. We also needed bags that roll easily, so everyone can maneuver their own bag if there are no carts at the airport, or I have no foreign currency to get a cart.

The answer is Rimowa, a German company that has been making innovative luggage since 1898! Apparently I was not the first to discover them, as LVMH bought them out late last year and Rimowas were everywhere we turned in Asia! These bags are constructed from the best materials (you can choose between polycarbonate, aluminum, and a hybrid), contain TSA compliant locks for security and come in a variety of sizes (supersize me). Most importantly, they have added the innovative Rimowa Electronic Tag, which allows you to log into an app and check in your bag so you can avoid the dreaded airport lines. Rimowa's electronic tag is essentially an E Ink display with the same width as a standard paper luggage tag. Imagine that! It is currently accepted by United Airlines, Lufthansa, and EVA but I can imagine that LVMH will associate with every airline before long .... this, my friends, is the future of travel!