Jetlag Genie

Jetlag is real people, it is serious and it can mess you up! If you are traveling half way across the Earth, you need a plan. You don't have time for jet lag, especially when you get there and have things to see/do or when you return and have to get back to work (argh)! Jetlag Genie is that plan. This app requires that you enter information about your trip, specifically where you will be traveling, when you will be traveling, and what your normal sleep patterns are. From there, it will provide what to do before, during, and after you travel. This includes a regimen of Melatonin, Melatonin and more Melatonin. Just kidding, it includes a regimen of sleep, wakefulness, and of course Melatonin! Sure you can get more aggressive sleeping pills, but this worked just fine for me and I was on a reasonably normal pattern in no time, both directions. I know this may be late for some of you, but hopefully you are traveling far, far away for your next trip!