Angkor Wat

Now that you know what Cambodia food is, have the appropriate luggage, as well as a strategy to get over Jetlag, we can finally make it to Cambodia! 

Most people (everyone!) wake up early, get on their tuk tuk, and venture to see the sunrise over the Temple! There is indeed something magical when Angkor Wat finally reveals itself with first light. This is a 10th century architectural feat no doubt, but what really grabs you is the scale and superb craftsmanship and detail. It is truly indescribable. Whether it is the uniform carvings of buddha, the beautiful renderings of the dancing ladies, or even simply the embellishments on the columns. This place is a treasure that is meant to be explored slowly and thoroughly among the monkeys that pop out when you least expect them. Sure it is difficult and time consuming to get to, but it should be on everyone's bucket list! Also, at sunset, don't miss Ta Prohm (the Jungle Temple) to find your inner (bad-ass) tomb raider (where Angelina Jolie filmed). The huge trees and massive roots grow out of the temples’ walls making it feel like an enchanted and eerie jungle!