Felicia Madison's Laughing Ladies Lunch

I recently caught up with Felicia (a fellow Finder) who decided about a year ago to pursue becoming a comedian. Yes, it is a skill that can be learned (Gotham Comedy Club), as long as you have some talent, don't have stage fright, and have keen/biting observations about the human condition. As a mom on the Upper East Side, Felicia has plenty of (awesome) material/fodder! She recently had an innovative observation that most comedy shows happen at night (in a dark/dank room with two drink minimum) which is not particularly compatible with a busy schedule as a mother. Therefore, she conceived and produced a comedy show during lunch (with vino) with an amazing roster of talent called the Laughing Ladies Lunch.  I had the pleasure of attending one, laughing my ass off, and being the only man (butt of all jokes) in the audience. Felicia (like all overachievers) has a blog, pod cast, and a screenplay in the works so catch her now ... watch out Sarah Silverman!