Five Minute Journal

My look back on 2016 was made particularly easy this year by the existence of the 5 Minute Journal App. From the time I downloaded in June, I journaled every weekday, excluding days when I was traveling (Bonjournal). After seeing how useful and powerful this Journal is, I am disappointed that I missed any day and won't let it happen again. This app prompts you in the morning with a question, "What will I (you) do to make today great?" This simple question will allow you the opportunity to organize your thoughts about things you want to do versus things you have to do (hmmm, imagine that). In the evening, it prompts you to write down those amazing things that you did, as well as asks the question, "How could I (you) have made today even better?" Sounds a bit hokey, but it will challenge you to be accountable for your present and your future! Further, it prompts you to add a single image for the day. It is the combination of images and the stories behind them that provided great fodder for our New Year's game of Smoke.