Snapchat Spectacles

What better way to capture the big and small events of the year than through video. All you need to do is have your Snapchat Spectacles and be ready to film! Let me be clear, most (all?) adults don't use or understand Snapchat. My kids spend their time continuing their Snapchat streaks by taking pictures of a portion of their face and sending them to friends. All I can surmise is that the expression (aka live emoji), combined with background clues, means something to the receiver. This behavior may seem irrational or odd at best, but it is indeed their way of communication. Now that the glasses (Spectacles) are here, they are hard to get and all the rage with the under 25. As it relates to New Years, they are a great way to capture snippets of what is going on in your real life as it happens (assuming it is sunny out and you are wearing your Spectacles)! All you need to do is press the record button on the frames and the Spectacles will do the rest, 10 seconds at a time. The challenge ... how to get them. You need to find the Snapbot in your area, get there early to get a wristband on a first come, first basis. It's about supply and demand --- hence, the supply is limited each day. Go or send someone in your stead (psst, NY'ers I have some tricks if you need ... just get in touch, via snap chat of course).