THNK 1994 Museum

Housewives Pointing Fingers
This museum/art gallery was inspired by an ESPN 30 for 30 Documentary entitled The Price of Gold about Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. THNK 1994 Museum Founders (and roommates) Matt Harkins and Viviana Olen are keen observers of pop culture and recognized the importance of the Harding/Kerrigan scandal in popular culture. This story had it all: 24/7 media coverage, Beauty & the Beast, class warfare, and even an evil villain with a cheesy mustache! If you haven't seen the documentary, you should, or wait until the movie I, Tonya, comes out in December. Subsequently, Matt and Viviana successfully launched a Kickstarter Campaign and curated their first show about The Price of Gold in their hallway.  This has become their permanent collection and is currently on display. Now, they have curated a number of shows and are currently showing a series of paintings of Housewives (yes, your favorite gals from Bravo)  by a variety of artists entitled Pointing Fingers. Let Matt and/or Viviana walk you through the exhibit, they are awesome. I already bought a small painting of Bethany's dog Cookie from the series Housepups Pointing Noses!