Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Classic Edition

The introduction of a computer (Commodore) into my home in the 80's was nice, but home video games was a real game changer. Watching my kid's binge watch Netflix reminds me how I probably used to binge play video games. For me, it all started with the NES. Super Maria Brothers and then all the classic arcade games were brought right into my living room. They began to interfere with my homework, my sports, my family time, and my life. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Were we so different than our children are now? These entertainment systems ushered in the modern era of addiction! Well, Nintendo has now reintroduced the NEC Classic Edition, and they are sold out everywhere! It comes preloaded with 20 games, including Mario Brothers, Zelda, Donkey Kong, and Street Fighter. There is no need to retrofit an old console purchased on eBay, but instead, this new version looks like the old one but has HDMI! I am curious if there is time for Mario Brothers in between Candy Crush and How I Met Your Mother.