Before you go out, the dog needs to be walked. This is better left to a professional, especially now that the weather is turning cooler. It is better that you rest (power nap), or start to get ready, rather than walk the dog before your big night out. As much as you may love your dog, walking him/her is not the right vibe to start your night, or end it for that matter! You better download the Wag app. This app allows you to choose a private dog walker for your beloved pet. It knows where you live, how to get into your house/apartment, and will take him/her out for however long you desire. There are always available walkers in the neighborhood, but of course, you can choose to have a regular walker. You can schedule in advance, or just in time. During the walk, you can see where they went, and after, you receive a report card of what they did (#1 or #2). It's not that you don't love your dog, you do, it's that you need the night off to paint the town red (and sometimes outsourcing is worth the $$$)!