Human Made


Fashion is a fickle business. In the immortal words of Heidi Klum, "As you know in fashion, one day you're in and the next day, you're out." Recently, I was wearing a reasonably rare Bape (The Bathing Ape) t-shirt when one of my daughter's friends recognized it as such. Initially, the recognition made me feel like I was in the know. But, a little bit of research made me feel like I was out, completely unaware of the message I was sending. It seems that Nigo, the Founder of Bape, sold the trail blazing brand in 2011. The Bape brand has become more accessible and therefore has less street credibility. However, Nigo (maybe at the conclusion of his non-compete) has started a new business, along with graphic design artist Sk8thing, called Human Made. Here, you can hopefully get the latest streetwear fashion and not be recognized so easily, especially in the US. Inspired by 1950's Americana, this Japanese brand understands cool factor for men's apparel and plays on the theme of the futuristic teenager, a la the past (pretty deep). 

Bryan VeronaComment