Burrow is a new company that is trying to be the Casper (of Mattress fame) of Couches. They make luxury couches that are delivered in reasonably sized boxes directly to your home in 1 week. No furniture store ...  no wait time, hooray! The assembly is straightforward. You can choose the number of seats (1-4), arm style (high or low), and color. Since the system is modular, you can always add a seat at a later date if you have a larger space or acquire an additional friend. Keeping it up to date, the couches also come with a USB charger which is always handy. And the fabric is stain resistant and chemical free. It is a cozy couch, and if you are skeptical of ordering a sofa online (like me), then you can test drive one in one of their showrooms (customer locations) scattered throughout the country. Now you will have enough room on your couch for a friend or two to binge watch Netflix!