NYRR Virtual Trainer

I must disclose that I ran the New York Marathon in 2008. The reason I ran was that my wife ran it in 2007, and I found myself both proud and jealous! Further, she "encouraged" me to run the following year by suggesting that the training "wasn't for me!" That was all the "encouragement" I needed. Either way, I ran the marathon and had an amazing experience. The reality is that the day of the Marathon I was in the best shape of my adult (post college) life. My New Year's Goal is to get back into that shape despite the impact of being 7 years older.

While we all know the resource of the New York Road Runners Club for marathoners, did you know about the NYRR Virtual Trainer Program? Ditch (reduce?) your personal trainer and sign up for this! All you do is enter information about yourself, the race you plan on running, or your goals for running, and BAM ...  you get a plan. The plan is sent to you every morning, so you don't have to think about it. The emails also give helpful running and health tips --- we all could use a little help from our friends!