Following in the footsteps of the opening of Sugarfish, Chef Nozawa just opened spin off KazuNori, a HANDROLL ONLY restaurant on West 28th Street. If you want sashimi, sushi, or even an inside out cut roll, you better go elsewhere. This is an extreme example of specialization (with a very limited menu), but believe me, there is plenty to devour. As a result of such a narrow menu, Chef Kazunori Nozawa has perfected the seaweed (crispy & warm), the rice inside (temperature & texture), and the fish (10 kinds only). The attitude here is ... you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need. The restaurant only opened at the beginning of March, and I was alerted of it existence by fellow Louper Wendy M. They don't even have their liquor license yet, so bring plenty of sake and beer!