DJI Mavic Pro Drone

Drones, we've all heard of them but what really is the deal? Do I want one? Do I need one? Me being me says, duh yes! DJI is a company dedicated to making the best designed and manufactured drones for both professionals and consumers. They even make drones utilized by cinematographers who make the highest budget movies. As such, they used their extensive knowledge to make a consumer-oriented version (less expensive) that is the best on the market. I was first introduced to the miracle of these drones by fellow Louper and brother-in-law Neil R. Through your smartphone, you can control this sophisticated drone and take amazing pictures from above. The battery lasts up to 27 minutes and the unit flies up to 65 KM/hour with a control range of 7 KMs. You don't have to worry about losing/crashing it (Louper Evan L.) as it has active obstacle avoidance, a low battery return feature, and it is programmed to come back to exactly where it was launched from. This device is truly incredible and this company does it the best ... ahhh the beauty of specialization!