Martone Cycling Company

I know it is hard to think about cycling in Winter, particularly during a Noreaster! However, Spring (and Summer for that matter!) is just around the corner and you need to get off the subway, out of the Uber, and get some fresh air! Martone Cycling Co. is your (chic) bike solution. They are experts in making bikes in eye-popping outrageous colors and that's all they do. These bikes are perfect for the urban commuter and the leisure rider alike. They are exceedingly stylish, and I had bike envy the first time I saw one parked in Miami. They are comfortable to ride and even have a gear system that adjusts based on how quickly you are traveling. All the bikes have the distinctive red chain. Let's hope this company doesn't branch out into other directions, although I probably would be interested in a Martone car if they made one!