Craft beer has been a trend for quite some time, although accelerating recently. Gone are the days where the big boys of brewing had a lock on what we drink. Sure, they still own upward of 80% of the market, but there is plenty of room in that 20% for discovery. Just like wine, I frequently revisit the beers that I know I like, rather than try new ones. Call it a habit, or the way our brain works, but sometimes it is important to force ourselves out of habit and discover new things. Beer Menus was introduced to me by beer-loving Louper Gabe L., and it is an app that will help your beer discovery process along. It shows you a list of bars and which beers they have on tap. If they have Bud Light and Blue Moon, you may want to find somewhere else to watch the game. It showed me the beer shop and tasting room CitySwiggers on the Upper East Side, which has 14 beers on tap (rotates weekly) and sells over 700 beers in the store. This incredible variety of beers to taste, combined with an incredible variety of beers for sale to bring home, will help you find your new favorite brewski. I've become partial to the Allagash St. Klippenstein 2015 which they have on tap, and I brought home in my reusable Growler. This app may even help you find beer lovers like yourself wherever you are!