Whether we order in or go out for lunch, we usually know what we are looking for ... but do we? Unfortunately, we are generally satisfied ordering in or going to the same deli we went to yesterday for one of two sandwiches or salads we always order. This is the path of least resistance, eating, not dining. If you happen to be midtown Manhattan, near Grand Central Station, you must consider taking a stroll to Urban Space.  Introduced to me by fellow Louper Andy H., Urban Space brought together an impressive array of 20 artisanal and chef-driven food concepts with their choices in food purveyors. I am not going to lie, when I was midtown recently, I didn't set out to eat Chinese Street Food. I certainly wouldn't have ordered the vegetarian Jianbing from Mr. Bings; however, I am glad I introduced randomness to my lunch routine. In doing so, I found one of the most incredible and tasty stuffed crepes that I have ever had. I even struck up a conversation with a stranger over the incredible food, and he worked at my former employer and loved his short rib sandwich!