The Revolution was Televised

As previously mentioned, my guide to improved television watching was, ironically, a book! The perfect place to start was Alan Sepinwall's critically acclaimed book about the seismic changes in TV. He had the good fortune of being at the right job (television critic, apparently no one else wanted!) at the right place and time (the Newark Star Ledger was proximate to the Soprano's filming location). He recognized the revolution as it was happening and immersed himself in the middle of it ... sounds like Alexander Hamilton! I thoroughly enjoyed his romp through some of the classic early and ambitious scripted shows (The Wire, Breaking Bad, Lost, and much more) that emerged, beginning with the Sopranos. It compelled me to look in the rearview mirror and binge watch a season of a few of them, and I wasn't disappointed. He also has a blog to check out, if you want to immerse yourself further and have time on your hands!