The goal (in life) is to not waste your time (I hope). To optimize your time is an art; time is precious and should be valued. How much do you charge an hour? Television is no different. You shouldn't even start a show that doesn't hold interest, let alone isn't the best possible option. You have found the right show when you willingly stay up late (all night?), so you can finish the season (series?) in a single helping! I would say the Internet is a perfect place to find that show. The folks at Metacritic have taken this approach and distilled the reviews by critics and individuals into one simple to use score. They have applied this approach to television, as well as other media outlets including movies, video games, and music. They have rated TV shows, as well as much, much more.  It is a great place to see what people think, meet like-minded people, and immerse you in media. I have used it to discover great new shows, and to try to get my arms around shows recommended to me by others. Soon, you will be recommending shows to your friends! I will be watching Season 1 of The Handmaid's Tale (Metacritic rating 92), say tuned!