Common Sense

I have lost the battle, but there is still time for you young, ambitious parents out there! One of my favorite (embarrassing, bad parent) stories was at my son's kindergarten parent/teacher conference. The teacher shared one of his drawings which included an axe-wielding person and a headless person, in the corner oh his math sheet. I asked my adorable son what this was and he matter of factly said, "Oh, yeah Dad, that's the guy from Kill Bill! I think the teachers' chins hit the floor. So, therefore, for the good parents out there (present company excluded) there is a not for profit organization that has taken it upon themselves to review what is age appropriate material. This is certainly a hot button issue with the new series 13 Reasons Why which (graphically) details the reason why a high school girl committed suicide. Whatever your parenting style, these are great recommendations if you are looking for a movie for your child, particularly when there is a play date or a sleepover, so you can at least cover your ass with the other parents.