Let's be honest; almost everyone has TSA Pre. So much so, that often the line is longer in TSA Pre than in the regular security check. To maximize our time through the airport (so we can get to binge watching the shows we have downloaded) we need to get through airport security quickly and efficiently. Clear is the solution. It was acquired out of bankruptcy by Louper Caryn S. who was (still is) a frequent traveler and recognized the (clear) need for a rapidly getting through airport security. While TSA Pre was a step in the right direction, Clear goes even further, especially if you are a frequent traveler. Sign up online, and then go to an airport to easily complete the registration. You can add additional family members for $50 each after the initial annual fee of $179. It is currently operational in 22 airports, as well broadening the reach to other venues such as baseball stadiums. Soon you will be breezing through the airport or another venue while the trusted travelers will be left in your dust. The network of places that accept this form of ID is growing rapidly and who wants to be the shnook waiting in line.