We all know Netflix is great (maybe even genius), don't get me wrong, but Hulu has one-upped them and figured out how to add live TV into the mix. It is a cable substitute rather than just a mechanism to binge watch shows. They have recently changed their look, and it seems closer to the future of TV. When you first signup/login, you provide your preferences (genre, shows, and even specific sports teams). Then it continues to suggest shows that may be of interest to you and continually gets to know you. I would argue that my Hulu account knows me better than I know me, sort of like my wife knows what I like to eat at a restaurant more than I know! You will build a very nice relationship over time, though it may border on co-dependence as you become increasingly addicted to binge-watching. Again, unlike Netflix, it is about live TV (its partners are the major networks/content providers), so with Hulu you can watch ESPN, The Today Show, The Bahelorette, or whatever, whenever! 

Bryan VeronaComment